Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum
Aircraft on the Flight Deck

The F8U series are most often referred to as the "Last of the Gunfighters" because they were designed specifically to get their four cannons into action against enemy aircraft. While they could later carry AIM-9 & AIM-7 missiles, that was not their primary mission.
In the view to the left taken from the island, the closest aircraft is an A7-E, then the F8U Crusader, and then the A6-E Intruder. At times these three aircraft types were the primary strike aircraft aboard a carrier

The H-34/UH-34 series aircraft were used extensively by the USN, USAF, and USMC for a variety of duties ranging from combat airlift / medevac to plane guard, and fire fighting / SAR.

The S-2 Tracker aircraft were designed as sub hunter/killer aircraft and thus were equipped with sonobouys as well as hard points to drop depth charges from when a threatening sub was detected. They also were equipped with an extremely bright spotlight on the right wing just outboard of the hardpoints.

The SH-3 Sea King series was the first true amphibian helicopters in US Naval Service when they entered service. They also were used by the USCG.