OK this is a listing of sites we enjoy visiting for our own pleasure.

They are added as we come across them so you just have to wade through them and enjoy them at your own risk.

There is likely PG content and Adult humor on some of them so we warrant nothing.
Use this listing at your own risk and at your own responsibility because it is here for informational purposes only.

updated 31 AUG 2006

My own photography sample page

Airliners.net This site has some of the most diverse photos of any on the web from vintage civil & military up to the newest iron.

Live ATC - Listen in to aviation radio traffic from around the world

Sportys Pilot Shop The name says it all

Flight Level 350 Aviation Videos (high speed internet access recommended)


Worldwide Airshow Dates

Intellicast Weather for the US & parts of the Caribbean

Dick Jonas - Premier balladeer of aviation for 30+ years

ICAS International Council of Air Shows

USAF Museum Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton OH

Naval Air Museum NAS Pensacola, FL

Tennessee Museum of Aviation, Seiverville, TN

Collings Foundation Stowe, MA

USMC Combat Helicopter Assn.

Tin Feathers

Chick Fighter Pilots Assn. The name says it all.

Dos Gringos - Snooze & Trip, two Viper drivers pick up the ball from Dick Jonas, songs of today's fighter pilots that show it is still true that you can tell a fighter pilot... Grab their two CDs from CD Baby #1, Live at the Sand Trap and #2