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USAF Heritage Flights USN Legacy Flights

Rockford, IL, June 3, 2007

Quad Cities Airshow
Davenport, IA, June 1-2, 2007

Columbia, MO
May 25-26 2007 as part of their: Salute To Veterans

Aviation Nation 2006
Nellis AFB, NV, November 10-13, 2006
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Aircraft pictured: USAF Thunderbirds, F-16 Viper West Demo, F-15D, F-15E, F-117, F-22, V-22, 2 seat Spitfire,
P-51D, F6F, F-18C, F-18E, P-38, F4U, F8F, B-25, F-86, MiG-15, MiG-17, C-17, KC-135, KC-10, E-3, SH-60,
Predator & Global Hawk UAV, RAN Seafury, EA-6B, A1E, E-2, HU-16, EC-135, JSTARS, B-52, Belgian F-16 demo,

Air Combat Museum
Topeka, KS, October 6-7, 2006

Aircraft pictured: USN Blue Angels F-11, EC-131, JN-4 Jenny, Harvard Mk. IV, F-4D , F9F-5 Panther,
F-14a, S-2A, BT-13, NCH-53A, CH-54 Skycrane, TA-4J, MiG-15/LIM-2, F-86H, F-105D,

Kansas City Aviation Expo Blue Angels
Kansas City, MO & Kansas City, KS, September 16-17, 2006

Aircraft pictured: USN Blue Angels, C-130 "Fat Albert", B-2, P-51, A-10, P-38, O-2, T-28, A-26/B-26,
C-23B Sherpa, Red Baron Stearman team, CH-53 Sea Stallion, AH-64 Apache, Replica Fokker Dr. 1 Triplane,

McConnell AFB, Open House Thunderbirds Golden Knights
Wichita, KS, September 8-10, 2006

Aircraft pictured: USAF Thunderbirds, KC-135, C-17, SB2C Helldiver, T-37, B-52H, B-29, B-1B,
B-25J, B-17G, E-3B Sentry AWACS, P-51, F-4D, F-105, F-80C, T-33, F-100C, F-86L, F-84C

St. Louis, MO County Airshow & Fair,
Chesterfield, MO, Labor Day Weekend 2006

Aircraft pictured:  F/A-18, F4U, DC-3, A-10, QF-4, P-51D, B-1B, F-117, CH-47D, AV-8B,
Panavia Tornado, F-15C. TBF, T-37, T-28, PT-17, T-6/SNJ-5, C-54,

Scott AFB, Open House Thunderbirds Ground Air
Collinsville, IL, August 2006
Aircraft pictured:  USAF Thunderbirds, B-2, B-1B, C-17, C-5, KC-135, C-2, LB30/B-24A, TBM, T-28, F-15, F-18, C-130J,

Thunder Over Michigan 2006 (2.34 megs, 84+ photos) August 2006 at:
Yankee Air Force - Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI

Aircraft pictured: B-2, T-45, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, C-7 Carribou, AD-5, C-54, A-10, P-51D, P-47D,
P-40B, MiG-17, B-17E/F, B-17G, B-25, TBF, AT-6 Texan, SNV/BT-13, PT-17, N3N, Messerschmit 109E
F-16, F-15, P-38, T6-II, O-2, T-34, T-28. F4U-4,

USAF Museum
Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH Multiple trips 2004-2006
Modern Flight Gallery overview pan from balcony Summer 2005

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum
Charleston, SC June 2006
Aircraft on the Flight Deck(pg. 1), Aircraft on the Flight Deck(pg. 2),
Aircraft on the Hangar Deck
Fighter Squadron Ready Room
Assorted views

Columbia, MO (file is about 700k, 50+ photos)
Memorial Day Weekend 2006 as part of their: Salute To Veterans

Aircraft pictured: C-130, A-10, P-38J, P-47D, F8F Bearcat, F/A-18F, UH-60 Blackhawk, F4U-4 Corsair, PBY-5A, TBF, T6 Texan 2

Tenneessee Museum of Aviation Sevierville, TN October 2006

Thunder Over Michigan (file is about 1.06 megs, 80+ photos) August 2005 at:
Yankee Air Force - Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI

Aircraft pictured: A-10, P-51D, P-47D, P-40B, MiG-17, F-86, FJ4 Fury, B-17E/F, B-17G, B-24, B-25,
TBF, AT-6 Texan, J2F Duck, PT-17, Alpha Jet, Messerschmit 109E

St Louis, MO County Airshow & Fair, Chesterfield, MO, Labor Day Weekend 2004

Aircraft pictured: USN Blue Angels F-18, P-3, EA6B, L-1049 Super Connie, KC-130, S-3A